• Top up the water level on arrival taking care to not overfill.
  • Check water levels daily. Ensuring that the floral foam is never completely dry. It will be a light green colour if dry and top up if need be.
  • Position the flowers away from draughts, direct heat, sunlight or extreme cold and/or extreme heat.
  • Some blooms last longer than others, carefully remove any rotted/lifeless blooms, particularly if other blooms in your arrangement are still alive and thriving.

Arrangement in floral foam

Cut Flowers

Caring for your flowers

Flower Care

  •     Clean and prepare your vase by washing with bleach and rinsing repeatedly.
  •    Use the cleaned vase, fill it with room temperature/warm water. We suggest room temperature/warm water as most flowers take in warm water more efficiently than cold
  • Re-cut the stems approximately 2-3cm on an angle under water, this releases any air bubbles in the stems.
  • Remove any foliage that may sit below the water line.
  • Place your flowers into your vase and ensure to keep them out of direct sunlight or near heating or draughty areas as these factors cause unnecessary moisture loss.
  • Keep your flowers away from fruit as fruit releases ‚Äča gas called ethylene which can cause flowers to decompose, break down and speeds up the life expectancy of the blooms making them to mature quickly.
  • Remove any rotted/dying blooms and foliage as this encourages other blooms to open and your flowers will last longer.
  • Be patient and wait for your buds to open into beautiful blooms. Some flower varieties blossom far earlier than others
  • Remembering to change the water and re-cut the stems every 2-3 to ensure a long life expectancy